– Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Waste Not Want Not, Inc..
Please let us know how you would enjoy helping by filling out this form.

Affiliations = Please list church, club or civic organization you are involved with, including present or past employers. (This information helps Waste Not when conducting donation campaigns, as some employers will match donations made by their present or retired personnel.) Providing this information is completely voluntary, and it will not be shared.

Volunteer Organization = The organization, company, or group you are volunteering on behalf of.

Insurance Waiver = I have auto insurance and understand that Waste Not Want Not, Inc. does not carry auto insurance on my behalf.

Photo Release = I hereby consent and give permission for me and my child(ren) to be photographed while volunteering and for photographs and videos of me and my child(ren) volunteering to be used in media coverage and by Waste Not Want Not for public relations and marketing purposes.